24 Concise Reasons to Choose U-pol Raptor® Coating in Cape Town

Insights into choosing a durable coating to protect your vehicles, equipment or other goods. 

8 Durability Attributes of U-Pol Raptor®

  • Anti-corrosive qualities 
    When Raptor is applied in conjunction with Raptor 2K Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer not only is there a durable, physical seal between substrate and atmosphere but also oxidation inhibiting compounds that provide beneath-the-surface protection. In some use cases galvanising, passivation or other electroplating processes may be rendered unnecessary and a more consistent finish may be achieved while saving on cost.
  • Exceptional abrasion & chip resistance
    With a shore D hardness of 85, Raptor is sold as truck bed liner. For reference, Raptor pencil hardness is 6H while typical polyester/epoxy powder coating hardness is in the HB/2H range. 
  • Film build thickness can be varied
    Film build thickness can be adjusted to suit impact level of particular component or panel.
  • Good elongation potential
    Combined with thicker film build elongation potential equates to significantly increased ability to handle expansion and contraction of panels due to fluctuations in temperature. 
  • Raptor cures harder than other urethane systems
    Although harder, it remains elastic and flexible and will stretch or conform to blunt impact or denting of panels rather than cracking and peeling. 
  • Exceptional chemical resistance (fuel, oil, acid, salt)
    Raptor is entirely resistant to most chemicals that it may be subjected to in every day environments and resistant to many of the harsher chemicals even in high concentrations.
  • Exceptional UV resistance / lightfastness of colour
    U-Pol's formulation contains high levels of UV absorbing compounds that render the coating UV stable and ready for daily, full sun exposure. 
  • Stain resistant
    Uncommonly slow weathering and resistance to chemicals are the primary reasons for Raptor's formidable stain resistance. 

Pencil hardness of polyester and epoxy powder coatings are typically in the HB/2H range while U-pol Raptor 2K polyurethane has a pencil hardness of 6H. Amongst other applications Raptor is sold as a truck bed liner while powder coating isn't remotely suitable for such a use.

8 Aesthetics Attributes of U-Pol Raptor®

  • Raptor is tintable
    to virtually any colour within the gamut of compatible toners / pigments. Raptor is compatible with all solvent borne toners / pigments including acrylic.
  • Metallic / pearlescent finish
    Raptor is compatible with metallic / pearlescent toners for metallic / pearlescent finishes.
  • Semi-gloss finish (standard)
    Raptor cures to a satin or semi-gloss finish when used without additives or over coats
  • Matte finish
    Raptor is compatible with matting agents for matte finishes. Note: some flexibilty of coating may be lost. 
  • High-gloss finish 
    Raptor can be clear coated with U-Pol EGC 13 High Solids ClearCoat or U-Pol Maximum 2:1 HS ClearCoat for a high-gloss finish. Note: clear coat is not as resistant to abrasion and chipping as Raptor but, nonetheless, Raptor will remain the same durable barrier beneath the clear coat. 
  • Range of textures
    A range of textures can be achieved - from zero or lightly stippled through to a heavy stone chip or truck bed liner texture - to suit function of part or surface and add new dimensions to aesthetics of vehicle. Textures can be mixed and matched for striking aesthetics.
  • Multiple colours, textures, gloss levels applied to one product 
    Raptor can be used to create very involved aesthetics by sequencing coats of different colour, texture and gloss level while masking product accordingly. 
  • Branding or decorative designs possible
    Using the process briefly described above, brands and other decorative designs can be stenciled onto any given product eg. vehicle branding. Raptor will certainly draw more attention to your brand.

8 Application Attributes of U-Pol Raptor®

  • Reduced prep / faring time
    As thicker build will cover minor and moderate anomalies in materials and construction. 
  • Dust production is minimised
    Due to reduced faring requirements, dust will mostly remain local vs the fine dust that gets widely broadcast when faring with compounds or fillers.
  • Can be sprayed using various types of equipment
    Raptor can be spray applied with a regular Raptor Schutz Spray Gun, a Raptor Professional Vari-Nozzle Application Gun, or an HVLP spray gun. Large applications can be carried out with airless spray systems but Raptor consistency may need to be reduced with urethane based thinners for proper flow.
  • Can be roller applied
    Raptor can be roller applied or applied with other implements to suit shape / cavities / hard to reach areas of object being coated.
  • Gloss differential / bronzing / tiger striping is easily avoided or remedied
    Professional application of Raptor neutralises these common paintshop woes through correct application techniques.
  • No baking necessary after application
    Baking requires major equipment and in itself is an expensive process. Baking also constrains the size of application to a product that can fit into the oven at hand and constrains the base materials to only those that are resistant to the heat involved. 
  • No buffing / polishing required
    To finish application.
  • Can be touched up practically 
    A professional result can be achieved in most cases by doctoring the area local to the damage.

DIY or professional U-Pol Raptor® Application from CAPPS

Cape Automotive Paint Protection Specialists supply all U-Pol Raptor® products at RRP and provide a professional application service.

In Conclusion

Raptor has been extensively tested and proven in the field to be top of its class. Which coating used in your operation is due for an upgrade? Are you putting yourself and your product at a disadvantage in the market place? With extraordinary durability, boundless aesthetics and fewer application constraints, U-Pol Raptor is winning the Cape Town market over. There's no reason to hesitate!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does professional Raptor application typically cost? 
    Coating costs are comparable to powder coating; sometimes marginally more. Surface preparation and disassembly / reassembly costs also need to be taken into account. Raptor offers exceedingly greater value than powder coating due to superior durability, unlimited aesthetics and fewer application constraints. 
  • Is DIY Raptor application recommended?
    If you have the right equipment, the physical space, the time, the patience, the technical inclination and are good with your hands you should be able to achieve a satisfactory result with some practice. If you are looking for a professional result but are not prepared to make a proper effort, rather let the professionals do the work for you. 
  • I am based outside of Cape Town, can I still benefit from CAPPS products & services? 
    CAPPS is happy to assist wherever you may be located, in the greater Western Cape or beyond. If you require product we can courier it to you and on the other hand we can arrange logistics to bring your vehicle or items into Cape Town for Raptor application.
  • Is there any scenario where powder coating is more suitable than Raptor coating?
    When a fine film build, eg. 50 microns, is required this may be more consistently achieved with the right powder coating process. 

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